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          Employee Profile

          Billy K.

          Name: Billy K.
          Title: Korea Agency Lead
          Career Area: Sales & Commercial
          Location: Seoul, Korea

          My role

          My responsibilities include setting long- and short-term strategies for Cargill in the Korea feed and food market and for the world trading team in our grain and oilseeds supply chain business. As a member of the management team, I help implement business plans and provide direction to employees. I also help manage issues and minimize conflict. I market grain and oilseed products to Korea. I exercise leadership to build an effective team through training and developing leaders and merchants, as well as monitoring the contract execution team. Skills needed in my role include the ability to speak fluent English, knowledge of trading, effective presentation skills, and leadership and consulting skills.

          My path

          I joined Cargill as a merchant in 1994. I have had a successful career here for more than 18 years as one of the key traders in Cargill’s supply chain business, as a market leader in Korea, and as a commercial manager educating the best merchants and forwarders within Cargill.

          My advice

          Keys to success are learning and the ability to execute. Also important is the ability to manage people and build relationships with a strong network of people in the company and the industry.

          Why we're Better Together

          Cargill is the leading global company in food and agriculture. Its unique role in the Korean market attracted me. I work with great people whom I respect and from whom I learn. Together, we achieve a great deal.

          About me

          I love sports. I play golf (10-handicap) and badminton (Class A). I also have been a church chorus conductor for more than 15 years.

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