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          Do Dinh M.

          名称: 做胡志明亭
          标题: 商业总监
          职业领域: 综合管理, Sales & Commercial
          位置: 越南



          I am 商业总监 for Cargill Feed & Nutrition (CFN) 越南. My key responsibility is to develop and grow the nation-wide market for CFN. To realize this mission, I develop the Vision, Strategies and Business plan for national market, coach and develop people, help people implement business plans and provide the direction to the team. Market growth, people development and building strong team are the key activities of my job and for which I spend the most of my exciting time. As a member of the local leadership team, I also work with others functions such as Plants, Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management and Sourcing as well as regional and global teams to provide the best services for customers and build up Cargil'sl brand image to customers, employees and community. With the right strategy in place, good people development plan, business integrity and disciplinary execution, our business have grown tremendously in the past years, making Cargill one of the leading animal nutrition brand in the market, as a customer's brand of choice and trust.


          Cargill is the first and the only company I have been working for. I joined Cargill in August 1996 as a Salesman and got promoted to be Sales Supervisor after 2 years. In 2001, I became Sales Manager for the South 越南 market. To pursue the company’s strategy of growing the North market where Cargill was not strong at that time, I was asked to move to the North as Branch Manager in November 2008. Now I am 商业总监 of the Animal Feed & Nutrition business. With Cargill, I have a  successful career in over the past 21 years.






          I have a great family with my wife and 4 kids: 3 boys and a girl. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and soccer, reading (Management, people skill & history), and music.

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