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          Employee Profile

          Meenu S.

          Name: Meenu S.
          Title: Business Development Manager for India
          Career Area: General Management, Sales & Commercial
          Location: Singapore
          Education: Bachelor of Science & Law, Delhi University, India

          “Be a warrior not a worrier as change is the only constant in one’s life.”

          Right from the beginning, I have seen a culture focused on providing support, and finding common wins amongst peers, teams, and senior leaders, which is also extended to customers and suppliers. The whole model is aimed towards gaining mutual respect and trust, leading to strong partnerships and alliances above anything else. Over the years, I have worked with quite diverse teams from different cultures, with varied backgrounds and thought processes. Despite the wide spectrum, there has never been issues with connecting, collaborating and maintaining mutual respect. In fact, it is a very encouraging environment in which to gain conviction by focusing on creating positive impact and mutual value. It has not always been just about business but also a focus on the individual’s self-development.  In the truest sense, this is holistic growth.  

          The last few years have been challenging as the businesses across the board are going through a tough environment. It is tough for customers, tough for suppliers and everyone else. Being in supply chain management, pressure comes from all sides, and each stakeholder looks at Cargill to provide a solution.  It is nevertheless overwhelming to see the relentless determination of our team and how they can work as a family to operate cohesively. This has helped us gain an edge over the competition, enabling us to offer innovative solutions but also reiterating and re-establishing trust and commitment with our business partners. It also has provided employees the motivation to work together as a team and win. Sometimes we have unexpected outcomes, but because we all gave our best, we keep the momentum going to win the next one.

          The overall focus, commitment and positivity has kept Cargill ahead of the game in terms of nourishing the world and helping people thrive. As businesspeople, we must be bold and call out things that are not going well and quickly adapt to stay relevant. It is not easy to call out leaders or entire teams and challenge existing business models. But keeping the strategy in front of you and believing in it, coupled with the fact that you work in a safe environment, clearly differentiates Cargill for customers, suppliers, employees and communities.  

          Describe your career path. Where did you start and how did you get to where you are today? 

          It is coming up on 10 years being a part of this large organization. I started as a Panamax freight trader, managing day-to-day trades and conducting merchandising. Then to start managing a geography like India – which is quite a fragmented and complicated one – was a challenge. The journey over the years was exciting, challenging yet enriching, including various experiences of getting all stakeholders aligned, taking measured risks, and gaining trust and support from customers. The organizational support has come through various programs, workshops and leadership development programs. Above all, the day-to-day engagement with peers, working with various teams and leaders across a wide variety of businesses gives you an immense opportunity to learn and develop both yourself and others. It has been fulfilling, but there is a lot still to be achieved. I am quite excited at the new momentum Cargill is gaining around becoming more agile, more relevant and more valued by customers, suppliers, employees and communities, in order to make this world a better place for all.   

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